His story is true.

He was given three ships by the queen.

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The news may well be true.

The remedy is in the poison.

He has gotten fat.

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Are you waiting for me?

Which language do you speak the most often?

Nobody's killed me yet.

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You're the woman of my dreams.


Please help him.

He didn't speak to me at all.

I think we should attack immediately.


I've been trying to spend a little more time with Hank.

The little girl felt abandoned.

He used to go out at night.

Are the students sitting in the auditorium?

Today's weather is sunny with occasional clouds.

He is inclined to make light of his father's advice.

Please do not handle the exhibits.

I miss her a lot.

You should throw those out.

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We hired a guide for our white-water rafting trip.

Being cute also has some inconvenients.

Have you seen this video?

No more bets.

She had the care of many older people.


Pilar looked at the price tag and shook his head.

Roxana knew he'd be punished.

We heard this song before.

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May I have your name and room number, please?

You're winning, aren't you?

When it comes to cooking, you cannot beat Pontus.

Have you all gone mad?

Smiling can make you happier.


Obviously, Tait hasn't told anyone about what happened.

He has lost the watch given by his father.

You have four dogs.

I can get the tickets for you.

Could you repeat the question, please?

Eugene will reconsider.

Hsi has just finished eating lunch.

Don't fritter away your allowance.

The chairman is elected for a two year term.

She was afraid of hurting him.

Where on earth did you get that hat?

There's obviously been some sort of misunderstanding.

I heard the phone ring.

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Julian said you might be coming by.

The best way to solve unemployment is to work.

Ten years have gone by since my father died.

I bet it's not the first time Dawson has done that.

Can I wait for Julianto here?

Tony might run.

They're taking the freight out of the train car.

I assume I'll have access to a car.

I'm not going without you.

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He's got nothing to grouse about.

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You're going to break it if you're not careful.

An eagle swooped and plucked a rabbit from the field.

Let me call you back.

She thought it wise to call the police.

The people which were here have all gone.

You can't do this to me.

Sometimes what we don't do is every bit as powerful as what we do.

No dogs allowed.

Mother was surprised at the news.

I don't think she's going to hear us.

Will you be ready by 2:30?

A second look may be flattering; after that, things go downhill: first to staring, then to ogling, finally to frankly leering.

Seldom do I forget my keys.


It was a relief to hear the news.

I have decided to release all my English sentences, including this one.

The movie website announced a 20% discount on all downloads.

Do you know where I can find Joshua?

There's another rumor in the air that the firm is going into bankruptcy.

Whaat.. It's already 11? I thought it was still 9'o clock.

I misjudged Lars.

There are some things you can't learn from books.

I saw something on the other side of the room.


Don't confuse love and desire.

Could you close the door, please?

Are you guys going to vote for Subra Jackson?


It's worthwhile carrying out the idea.


That's the story of my life: a day late and a dollar short.

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Do we really need this much food?

He seems to think so.

Sir was surprised that Herve showed up.

I like to see a good movie once in a while.

Briggs has passed out.

This book is still interesting even after reading it many times.

These devices are distinguished by particularly high-quality workmanship.

It being cloudy, I took my umbrella with me.

In the name of the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, Claudio Soarez Rocha expressed admiration for the continuing effort which Esperanto-speaking people throughout the world are always making, for the greater spread of Esperanto. He wrote, amongst other things,"We know that in the history of mankind, there have been languages that have become intrusive as a result of political power, such as Latin, or to a certain extent French and lately, English. We very much wish, in fact, that one day Esperanto could be accepted by the majority of the nations, as a language adopted to facilitate communication without linguistic privileges."

As the attendees of the DTA General Meeting will be offered the block rate, when you reserve Marriott Hotel for me, please notify them that I will attend it.

Strange to say, his prediction has come true.

I also run my own website, to try and record my progress and to help other people a little bit.

Piercarlo fell out of love with Hume.

If you explain everything in medical jargon, it's impossible that everyone understands immediately.

Are those yours?

We should go.

Manuel begged Warren to give him one more chance.

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It won't clear up.

I never regretted the choices I made.

You know that I don't usually talk this way.

I visited Vickie.

It was a beautiful marriage proposal.

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Tatoeba contains 10 000 Lojbanic sentences.

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Here's your milk.

She looks prettier in her red dress.

She was a former first lady.

I'm just so torn about all of it. I just don't know what to think of it.

The cuffs of his suit jacket are badly frayed.

What kind of hat do you want to buy?

Contrary to popular opinion, hair and fingernails do not continue to grow after death.

I'm not home yet because I didn't take the bus.

Stevan is real funny.

Did Magnus ask you something?

I wish Amir was here to explain.


They died in battle.

His pessimism depressed those around him.

Leith smiled when he saw me.

I don't have to convince you.

He announced his engagement to her.

Several thousand people were deprived of transportation by the accident.

Raja ran down the path ahead of Pravin.


I began to draw the letter "K" like an incomplete star, because it's one of the symbols that represent Kylie Minogue.

When do we get paid?

Is this the way to the station?

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I always enjoy playing tennis.

No more than 50 people came.

Do you want to go to the zoo with me?

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I wasn't making fun of her.

I'm fairly certain that's what's going to happen.

May I have permission to board this ship?


You were worried, weren't you?

I can't make it any clearer.

I read it in a magazine.


Kit's a sleazy letch, and he gives Holly the creeps.

His sisters are both beautiful.

His argument was based on facts.

Can Superman also see through clothes?

The death rate is the same for us as for anybody ... one person, one death, sooner or later.


Keep an eye on your bag while walking.


Laurianne is popular, isn't he?

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I can not keep it to myself, she is really beautiful.


Actually, I didn't want to ask you anything.

When you have nothing, aim low; when you get somewhere, aim high.

He showed his heels to us.

Shadow should've stayed and helped us clean up.

It will not be long before our food runs out.

Miriam hopes Judith can come over to his house this afternoon.

I know it's not Kiki's fault.


Eli is still in his teens.

I'm afraid you must be mistaken.

To kill someone for committing murder is a punishment incomparably worse than the crime itself.

Your team is very good, but theirs the best.

There is nothing you have to be ashamed of.

Nobody wants to be hated.

Let's not think about it anymore.

You'll be ruined.

Jeany is insanely jealous.

I'm not interested in the tea ceremony or flower arranging.

Can you give up your seat to old people even when you are tired?

The entrance to the toilet is very dirty.

I've got no secrets from him.

The mother just held tightly onto her daughter, saying nothing else.

When are you planning to do that?

If you listen closely enough you'll be able to hear it.

Do you have any in green?